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[ A handmade cardboard sign goes on the podium: 3 CARD TAROT READING: FINAL CHANCE. The wobbly card table with a Tarot pack waiting goes in front. The Boy Detective himself, pasty white and raccoonishly hollow-eyed as ever, stands beside both table and podium. ]

What do you consider a rite of adulthood?

If you want a reading, an answer is my final price. But —

[ So generous a tone here. ]

— if you only want to answer, I won't force one on you. I mean, I'm practically dying and it might be the best reading of the rest of my life and you'd be wasting the special spiritual insight my hovering on the precipice between worlds grants me, but I won't make you.
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The moment when you consider your parent and realize they are an actual complex human being, not an untouchable, immortal figure of either disappointment or safety. Whether they're present or not. That might not be a proper rite, I don't know.

[ she was about eleven. ]

I'll take a reading, since you're practically dying, and also I haven't had one for a few years.

[ and every reader is different, in her experience. has a different system, different interpretations. ]
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A preparatory rite, yeah. That suits.

[ Gisela pays attention to things like aborted wistfulness, but not in a particularly intense kind of way. Similarly, the manner with which she scrutinizes the tarot cards is not wholly glib; while she is genuinely interested in the process, it's not that new to her, either. ]

All right.

[ One by one, she does, deftly enough that she refrains from so much as brushing any of the cards besides the selected three. ]
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[ Her head tilts in assessment, peering at the card. Thoughtful, not giving a lot away, but open to what the cards might have to tell her. There is some truth to that interpretation, Gisela supposes, but as always with tarot, it could mean all sorts of things. Also, God knows if she's right in her suspicions, since her mother is a contender for most ambiguous woman on the planet. ]

Poor old lion. But yes, that sounds credible.

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You've certainly got your priorities in place for someone soon-to-be-dead.

[Lumis doesn't put any stock in superstitions, but she does believe in magic. She's been to too many planets to abandon the idea of it, and she understands that sometimes the former precludes the latter. With a faint smile she tips her head as she thinks.]

From what I've seen, it's the loss of something. Life through a kill, or innocence through sex, right? Or maybe the security of your home through travel.

[She spreads open her hands.] What do you think?
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True enough. I guess 'loss' would be too negative a word. 'Price' would be a better way to put it. You're gaining something in the end.

[She nods to herself.] Amaze me with your insight between two worlds. Like you, I'm dying to see it.
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[Noticing is what she does. The limitations of a body put an interesting lens over the world that she would not have otherwise, and so, with an attenuation suited to her mechanical nature, she drinks in as many sensory inputs as she can. It's an interesting deck for sure. As it shifts its form, she can't help but feel a little curious to its nature.

Lumis takes the number of cards he asks her to, keeping them face-down.]

What next?

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Making your own decisions, and dealing with the consequences.

Why are you dying, exactly?
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A certain kind, yeah. Most kids - they make their own choices, but they have a safety net. They have guidance, and support, and someone else holding the longer reigns. Ideally, anyway.

[Her lips quirk.] Mystical, huh? That's always a pain in the butt.
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[She's quiet, for a moment, as she considers.]

It's worth a shot.

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Pain and the responsibility to reflect upon it.

[ He steps up to the podium because of course he is interested even if it might be utterly incorrect or time wasting. Besides, who is he to deny this youth his last request. ]
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I believe so. Our ultimate goal in life is to be the best we can be in whatever way possible or deemed worthy. That task requires growth and growth requires pain and pain will be the tool of defeat if you let it.

[ And nor is he anywhere near the age he seems to be. It's merely that Fabian takes these offers with a grain of salt. Since witchcraft and occult practices became welcomed as opposed to damned the number of true users were greatly outweighed by greedy opportunists and ambiguous minds. Cards were never his method of reading but he can appreciate the art when the art is presented well. ]
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[ To his understanding, that was the way with most reads. Palm, tea leaves, tarot. Sure, there was mystical properties to them if you knew how to channel it but more often than not they were conduits between the reader and the inquirer. A tool of psychology over anything else. Magic and science were more linked than thought. He himself was a scryer when it came to such matters, but he was also of an old generation. ]

What life have you lead that grants you no pain? [ That causes the smallest of smiles to rouse his lips. He takes the desk and it is with great care and grace that even such a movement as drawing three cards is done. ]

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The first time you puke in public. From drinking. Also in public. Do those Tarot cards actually do anything? Because I'm prrrretty sure it's bullshit.

[she sits down at the table anyway. Hi, deal with her now.]
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Excuse you, that was a dead serious answer. I knew I was truly a woman when I woke up on a stranger's lawn with someone else's puke in my hair for the first time. Truly left my childhood behind that morning, that's for fucking sure.

[That's a little creepy! But somehow, so very appropriate for Penelope. She selects three cards.] Good thing I love mystical bullshit. Wow me, kid.